about us

what is stuntdummy?

Stunt Dummy is a clothing brand inspired by those who live fast, take risks, and are willing to endure pain to raise the bar of what is possible. We believe every person has done something crazy on their path to greatness, and our brand is for every fighter, farmer, or underdog trying to win.

We have a never ending passion to design styles that speak to you because we share your insanity and will not be ignored. Our brand is deeply rooted in counter-culture with a luxury aesthetic, illustrated perfectly by our infamous logo. We don’t appeal to those looking to fit in, we create for those who want to stand out. We are more than shirts & hoodies, Stunt Dummy is a lifestyle brand that reflects the tough, determined free spirit of each member.

"A stunt dummy is a person who has shown distinguished courage and who is admired for their brave deeds and noble qualities."